1year and 8 months after finasteride , the hairs on right frontotemporal angle do grow longer and thicker

スクリーンショット 2016-02-13 午後1.33.27

This  photo  shows  the  phenomenon which  you  would  never know  if  you  don’t take a good photo.  The “GOOD ”  means you have to  take the picture  from  the same angle ,  direction  and  also   comb  the  hairs in  almost  the same direction  under the  same  condition of  the light .

in  fact,   In the  beginning  of  the latest  consultation ,   this  guy  still  complained about  noticing  50 hairs   on  each  shampooing  everyday. However, when we show him the  photo   and he  soon   agrees with our opinion that  finasteride does work on  his  frontal hairs,